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Content Management Systems
Effectively manage your website and save money.

CMS - Content management systems made easy with Webworks

Take control of your online business, manage your own; updates, edits, new content, add product pictures, create new pages and section, it’s so easy with a Webworks CMS Content Management System website - if you can use Microsoft Word, you can use our system!

Why have a CMS website?
If you need to update the content on your website on a regular basis a Content Management System (CMS) is ideal for you. It will provide you full management and control of site content to make updates, include new copy, images and promotions - any time, anywhere, from any on-line location - and you don’t need to be a technical wizz-kid to handle it! 
  • Present up-to-the minute product and content
  • Include offers and availability
  • Add new products when you want   
  • Update images and text in real time
  • Produce special offers   
  • Build new range sections
  • Reduce running costs   
  • Can be used by non technical staff

The webworks Content Management System ‘Raptor’ allows you to increase your profitability by client interaction and responding to current market trends with the customer at point of sale.

Our Content Management System has been developed solely by us to fulfil our clients various requirements. Having developed our own software we can tailor our CMS to meet pretty much any client requirement. This also makes for efficient and cost effective solutions as we fully understand the workings of the system, rather than having to re-configure off-the-shelf products, which can be confusing, time consuming and costly.

Webworks content management systems

Save money
  • Control your own website with a powerful content management suite
  • Produce up to date product information
  • Manage offers and availability
  • Add new products when you want

Increase your orders
  • Communicate with your customers
  • E-mail customer relationship management
  • Statistic and exit point reports

Features and benefits
  • Reduce running costs and faster update turnaround
  • Update images and text in real time
  • Display any type of file  - PDF, Word, Excel, video
  • Produce special offers
  • Build new range sections
  • Can be used by non technical staff
  • Control your website from any on-line location

Marketing tools
  • Integrated customer relationship e-mail marketing tool.
  • Produce professional promotional e-mails to promote new product, offers and news.
  • Can work in conjunction with your customer database
  • Response tracking facility
  • Longer lasting, more profitable customer relationships

Totally integrated solution
  • Build marketing data
  • Review website customer usage with stats page
  • Integrates within booking/backend office systems - Credit card and online payment facilities

Google Analytics
  • All websites are built for Google search engine recognition
  • Google Analytics is set up ready for you to use on all websites

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