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Affordable Effective Copywriting for Websites

At best effective website copywriting will engage, communicate, sell and grow your business and turn browsers into buyers, at worst it can put users off visiting your site ever again. Make no mistake: copywriting is as important to your website as design and navigation.

Writing for the internet is a different skill to normal business writing. Research has shown that users rarely read web pages word for word, but scan the page picking out individual words that relate to them. Web users don’t want to get bogged down in lengthy unspecific copy; they want to know in an instant if something relates to them.

Well written copy will help your sales message come across loud and clear. It will help you develop relationships with your clients. And it will give you an edge over your competitors. Poorly written copy with waffly sentences and too much information will have your customers going elsewhere.

Great website copywriting can be tough. Here are a few tips if you decide to have a go yourself.

Who’s visiting your website?
Have a clear idea of who will be visiting your website. DO they already know about your service or product, or will you be introducing your business to them for the first time? Know your visitor: what are they looking for? Will they be ordering from your site? Write punchy copy that will appeal directly to them!

Oi! Over here!
Grab your visitors attention with purposeful headings and sub-heading. Don’t use fluffy non-descript copy, write copy that goes straight to the heart of the matter. For example ‘Pure Silk Blouses - 30% Off’ directly states the selling proposition. Strong headings and subheads are essential as visitors scan read webpage’s. Once you have them hooked the rest should be easy.

Scan Reading
You have 2 seconds to get your message over as visitors will scan a page rather than read every word. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short and to the point. Use bullet points and highlight important facts. Keep paragraphs and descriptions short.

They want to know about me!
The visitor may well want to know about your company history and employee profiles history, it may be of interest to you but your visitor just wants to know the your services and what they can buy. Remember don’t put your full company profile on the home page!

Buy Here!
Get your visitor involved by including clear Calls to Action: ‘add to basket’, ‘download brochure here, ‘call us now’ and ‘click here for more details’.

Be search engine friendly
Use relevant keywords or phrases that relate to your business to ensure the search engines know exactly what you site is all about. This will help your page rankings, that is how high up the search list your website will appear.

Keep copy fresh
Regularly update your website copy. This helps search engine ranking, if you have old copy search engines will demote your website. This can be simply carried out by having a news page containing company new, employee news and new products or services. If you don’t care about your site – why will your visitor and why will search engines?

So why should you employ us to write your copy?
Because you’ll get great copy which really speaks to your customers.
  • It will reassure. Influence. And inform.
  • It will be clear, succinct and easy to read.
  • It will be interesting, engaging and overcome objections.
  • It will be in the right tone of voice for your brand. And your clients.
  • It will save you time and money

What next?
Well that’s simple. Give us a call and we’ll have a chat about your requirements and not only about websites. We use a team of copywriters depending on the project and media and select the right one for you. We don’t just right for websites; we can right copy for just about anything:

Corporate literature
Direct Mail
Leaflets & Flyers

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